CIFER S.A., offers the following advantages to you:

Quickness and Commitment.

  • You will know at all times who to speak with. The youth of our staff and our experience work always towards the same goal. Yours. For this reason, our response is immediate..


  • Everyone in our sales department knows the characteristics and particulars of each of our clients.

We are specialists.

  •  We have been on the market offering the same kind of products since 1973. Thus, we always have the adequate stock to guarantee and satify custormer demmands, even for those last­minute urgent ones.


  •  CIFER pioneered the industry and opted for both the product quality and the best of the services. The AENOR distinction for the distribution services of steel products for concrete ­ according to the UNE­EN ISO 9001: 2008 and UNE 36820: 1995 – recognices and guarantees the best of the services for the most demmanding clients.


  • Because our stores are close to the major centers of steel production, we can maintain a level of safety stock and offer a rapid response to any order we recive.


  • CIFER has a safety protocol for each position making it safer for each of our employees. We avoid accidents in the loading, handling, loading, transportation….Our company does also guide our customers in developing their own security plans or protocols

Fair weights.

  •  Measuring equipment certified by ENAC..